a Moment you won't be able to re-do or recreate but a moment you've been looking forward to for Nine months or longer!

The moment
you've been
waiting for....

Frozen in Time

You just found birth photography and have fallen in love! 

Sound like you?

You are excited to have a different birth experience and capture all the emotions

You want to preserve this day forever! All the feelings and emotions and details!

You want a photographer who is reliable and can support you in multiple ways!

Hey There!

You may be here because you saw some of my photos and I'm so glad you came this way! But there's more to me than just my work so click this way to learn more!

I'm Tia

Mother, PHotographer, Doula

- Ange J.

10/10 recommend Tia

Tia is amazing! If you are on the fence about hiring a birth photographer I recommend you do! 10/10 recommend her. She captured all the tiny moments that are the HUGE ones! The ones you can't "pose" for. She is incredible!

Kind Words

- Kenna S.

Worth Every

she PERFECTLY captured every moment of my labor and birth! She knew how to support me and knew just what to say when I asked for advice after baby came. She is a professional and yet makes you feel so comfortable around her. Tia is a one of a kind. It’s worth every penny we spent for those perfectly captured moments.

Ready to capture
your Birth Story?