A  Moment You'll want to remember Forever

Imagine this:

You are so excited that you will finally meet your baby. You feel the contractions but are not afraid of them because you have prepared for this moment and you know your body was made for this.
Each contraction comes and your husband is near you. He whispers in your ear how strong you are and that you can do this. He brushes the hair from your face as you squeeze his hand. You feel so safe and powerful. You feel the urge to push and know that your baby is so close. She is born into your husband’s arms with your midwife close by and you cry tears of joy together. Your husband places her on your chest and you feel jubilant. Together you and your husband worked to bring this baby girl into the world. Finally in your arms you bask in the heavenly bliss that you feel. You’ve never been so happy. You and your husband take turns bonding skin to skin with your new babe so she is warm and can hear your voice and hear your heartbeat. You bring your baby to your breast and she latches for the first time. You are excited to nourish her with your milk and your body. You are her mother. You. 

Everyone is 100% present in the moment. Your partner, your birth team, and you.
When we have a phone in our hands, we miss the small moments. Moments that we don’t get back and moments that can’t be re-done. 

Birth photography is a timeless keepsake of one of our favorite days, with all the little details. Let’s be honest, birth is a whirlwind and blur. It starts slow but swings into a beautiful cascade of events.
Rest easy that you’ll be able to relive these glorious moments over and over again because you hired a birth photographer. Let your photos bring you back to this moment. Feel those feelings again, and again, and again.

Capture Your Birth


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"When I saw my pictures I felt speechless. My breath was taken away. Literally because I was sobbing looking at them feeling all of the emotions. I felt like I was taken back right to that moment in time. It was captured perfectly.
So incredible! I couldn’t wait to share. It’s such an empowering beautiful thing!"

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