A Moment You'll Want To Remember Forever

Imagine This:

You are ready to meet your baby! With each contraction, your husband's support makes you feel strong and safe. As you push, your baby is born into your husband's loving arms, and tears of joy flow. Holding her close, you both relish in this heavenly bliss.

Then comes the special moment when your baby latches onto your breast for the first time. You're excited to nourish her with your love and milk, embracing your role as her mother.

In contrast, when we're glued to our phones, we miss these irreplaceable moments. Birth photography captures every detail, letting you relive the whirlwind of emotions. So, rest easy knowing you can revisit these glorious memories time and time again, thanks to your birth photographer. Your photos will bring those feelings rushing back, reminding you of this unforgettable day.

The Gift Registry

I do everything I can to make sure we can make this happen for you! I know that if you're here, you WANT a photographer but sometimes actually making it happen can be hard. That's why I offer this service to all my clients


I only take a limited number of birth sessions a month so that I can give the best experience possible! So book your spot before I fill up!

Every Birth Story will receive  all the images from your birth in both color and B&W
You'll also receive your own birth story in video form set to Licensed to music. 

What's Included

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Capture my story

Capture my Story

Want to freeze these
moments forever?